December 31, 2014

Class Representatives

APUS is a membership-driven organization run by part-time students like you. All U of T classes are able to elect part-time class representatives. As a Class Representative, you are a great link between APUS and your classmates. Nomination forms will be distributed in classes this term. Pick up a form, become a class representative and get involved in your union! Once you are elected, you can be involved in the day-to-day events and activities of your Union, and shape your students’ union through the APUS Assembly. Class representatives are also eligible to run for the APUS Board of Directors.

At the start of each semester, each Course Instructor is sent an election package. Election packages can also be picked up at the APUS offices.

To become an APUS Class Representative, please complete the form below and return it to an APUS Office!

Class Representative Form