April 2, 2015

Climate Justice and Divestment

APUS has an interest in the ways the University uses student funds outside of the academic experience, including external partnerships and investments. Tuition fees collected from students at the University of Toronto account for nearly 70% of the university’s revenue.

Current campaigns

Climate Justice

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned us that we have until 2030 to prevent temperature increases from exceeding 1.5°C. If this temperature rise reaches 2°C, the results will be catastrophic: mass extinction, famine, droughts, floods, wildfires, and the spread of infectious diseases, on an unprecedented global scale.

According to the CDP’s 2017 Carbon Majors Report, 71% of the world’s global industrial greenhouse gas emissions come from just 100 polluters. It is clear by now that the interests of big business do not drive the prosperity of the human race. As a society, we need to change course.

Students and community groups like Leap U of T and #FridaysforFuture Toronto/GTA have been helping to lead the charge and raise awareness on climate change. As part of global network of activists, scientists and/or concerned members of the public, an International General Strike has been called.