April 2, 2015


Students contribute to the University of Toronto in many ways, including our tuition fees. We have an interest in the ways in which the University uses these funds. Where does our money go? What does it support?

Divestment from Fossil Fuels

APUS is part of the growing community of individuals and organizations that are calling for the University of Toronto to divest all financial assets from fossil fuel companies and to end investing new funds into the fossil fuel industry. This action recognizes the impact of the fossil fuel industry (fossil fuel extraction, production, refining, transportation) on our communities and our environment. Climate change, oil spills, the building of pipelines that run through our communities causing cancers and environmental damage, and the environmental racism and displacement of indigenous communities perpetrated by fossil fuel companies must end.

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On October 14, 2015 the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students of the University of Toronto, University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union, and Scarborough Campus Students’ Union submitted to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Divestment from Fossil Fuels a statement on why the University of Toronto should be investing in clean and renewable sources of energy, investing ethically, and using our institutional resources towards social good.

To see the full submission see our link below:

Submission on Fossil Fuel Divestment – 10-14-2015

Divestment from War and Apartheid

Apartheid South Africa

In 1990, the University of Toronto became the last University to divest from investment in Apartheid South Africa. This move came following almost a decade of organizing by students, staff, and faculty of the University. Following petitions, sit-ins, protests, a faculty report on divestment, and strong and unified political pressure from the UofT community, the Governing Council and University Administration announced its intention to divest all financial assets from Apartheid South Africa.

Boycott Divestment Sanctions and Israel
In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights.

APUS joins the international community of individuals, student unions, labour organizations, human rights’ organizations and more who collectively call for the end of occupation and colonization in Israel, the end to state violence against Palestinians, affirmation of the rights to safety, dignity, and respect of the Palestinian community in Israel, and genuine peace and justice.

At the University of Toronto, we also call for the University Administration to divest all funds from companies that actively support or benefit from war, occupation, apartheid, and state-sanctioned violence against Palestinians in the state of Israel.

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