December 31, 2014

Mental Health Diversity

Mental Health Diversity

APUS works to support students with mental health diversity. We look towards raising awareness about mental health diversity but also trying to address underlying causes and stressors, and providing support to our members in the form of improving access to better University accommodation and services, community resources, APUS-run workshops and individual advocacy. Let us know how we can support you.

Mental Health Coalition

APUS has come together with many campus group partners to form a response to the report released by the University of Toronto’s committee on mental health. Many students were concerned about the committee’s lack of engagement with marginalized students. Through a student-led Mental Health Coalition, we hope to present a more student-focused and holistic set of recommendations to the University to address student stress and distress, and to advocate for better resources and supports for students. We want to centre the needs, experiences, and expertise of indigenous, black, racialized, disabled, queer, trans, part-time, mature, and international student communities in this initiative.

This Coalition is working to gather student feedback, develop recommendations and make sure that our collective voices are heard by the University. We address mental health issues from an intersectional perspective and invite campus groups and individual students to participate in this process.

For more information, or to get involved with the Mental Health Coalition, please contact APUS President at