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The Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students at the University of Toronto (APUS) represents over 6000 fall/winter and 14,000 summer part-time students across all three campuses of the University of Toronto. APUS was founded in 1968 by part-time students who wanted to make part-time study an integral part of the University. We endeavour to ensure that the rights of all part-time students are respected, provide cost-saving services, programs and events, and represent the voices of part-time undergraduate students across the University and to all levels of government. We are fundamentally committed to the principle of access to education for all. We strive to ensure that the academic and social needs of part-time undergraduate students are met by building a more inclusive educational and campus life experience for all part-time students. We provide valuable services, host events and do campaigns and advocacy to improve the experiences of part-time students on all three campuses.
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