Tuition Fee Assessment Request for PT Students

If you are a part-time student in the St George Faculty of Arts & Science, you may wish to submit a tuition fee assessment request to pay course fees instead of program fees. This should also mean you are considered a part-time student and APUS member (including on the APUS Health & Dental Plan). Please see below for information from the university’s own site:

If you a part-time student in another faculty, please contact your Registrar’s Office to ensure your part-time status.

From the Faculty of Arts & Science website:

Tuition Fee Assessment Change Request

“If you plan to take 3.5 credits or fewer in the Fall/Winter Session, you may be eligible to pay Course Fees. To request a change of your fee assessment from Program Fee to Course Fees, go to the Faculty’s Online Services Website at least one day after you have enrolled in courses on ACORN. The website will remain operational until the last day to add S courses in January, after which point, the Faculty will change all eligible students to Course Fees. 

Changing from Program Fee to Course Fees means that ACORN will only allow you to enrol in up to 3.5 credits. If you change your mind after having switched to Course Fees and want to enrol in more than 3.5 credits, you will need to contact your College Registrar’s Office to have your fees reassessed back to the Program Fee. It’s best to remain as a Program Fee student if you’re not sure yet how many courses you will take. It is important to remember that your Program fees will be automatically adjusted later in the Winter term.

Once you are reassessed to Course Fees, you will be charged for each individual course you enrol in. If you cancel a course, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund depending on the course cancellation date. For more information on Course Fee refunds, visit the Office of Student Accounts website.

Important: If you are reassessed to Course Fee and you cancel F or Y courses after the deadline to add F or Y courses in September, the cancelled course(s) are still included in your Course Load Count (see above). ACORN will allow you to enrol in up to 3.5 credits at any one time. Therefore, if you subsequently add S courses that will bring your overall Course Load Count to 4.0 credits or more, your fee status will be changed back to Program Fee even though you are technically enrolled in 3.5 or fewer. It is very important that you consult your College Registrar’s Office before you make such changes as the change will result in a significant increase in your tuition fees for the year.”

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