December 31, 2014


The mission of the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students (APUS) is to ensure that part-time undergraduate students have access to the full range of programs, services and resources at the University of Toronto in order to improve the quality of the part-time undergraduate educational experience.

APUS works to ensure a variety of post-secondary educational opportunities are available for students who, for any reason, choose to study part-time. APUS believes that education can be combined with work, family and other activities and that part-time study represents a viable option for students who can not study full-time. To this end, APUS promotes the concepts of life-long learning, evening, weekend and summer study and flexible academic programming across the University.

APUS strives to ensure that services are provided to meet the academic and social needs of part-time undergraduates on all three campuses at the U of T. The objectives of APUS services are to improve the quality of the total educational experience, in its broadest sense. For part-time students, the best possible undergraduate education means one in which part-time students have the option of participating equally in all aspects of campus life. When it is appropriate, APUS will provide some services through it own resources. When the University or another body is the most appropriate provider of a service, APUS will work to ensure that the body provides the services.

Part-time students are an integral part of the University of Toronto. APUS believes barriers to the use of all educational resources which prevent access by part-time undergraduate students should be eliminated. To this end, APUS works to eliminate arbitrary and unfair barriers to part-time study, including barriers created by limited hours of access. For example, students financial aid programs and library resources must be available and accessible to part-time students.

APUS achieves its mission by representing part-time undergraduate students throughout the decision-making processes of the University and of governments, by acting as a voice for the concerns of APUS members and by maintaining active communication with all part-time students.