February 10, 2022

So you want to run for the APUS Board?


The APUS Board of Directors represents part-time students and is accountable to its membership (you!). The role of the Board is to deliver on its organizational mission and sustain the organization long-term. This includes such things as ensuring proper governance, sound financial and resource stewardship, forward planning and strategic planning, and working with the Executive Director in the best interests of APUS. It can be a big responsibility. It can also be highly rewarding. History making and change-making comes out of student unions and the student movement. Come be a part of that. 

The APUS Board is comprised of 12 seats total:

  • 6 Directors shall be members registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus;
  • 1 Director shall be a member registered in University of Toronto Mississauga Campus; 
  • 1 Director shall be a member registered in University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; and
  • 4 Directors shall be Directors-at-large.

The APUS Board then elects its Executive from amongst those 12. You must be elected to the Board of Directors first, in order to run for an Executive position. Executive positions include:

  • President
  • VP Equity
  • VP Events & Outreach
  • VP External
  • VP Internal

Each Board Member is equally important. Each Board Member has one vote. 

The difference between the two is the level of commitment required to carry out responsibilities. 

General Board Members are required to attend Board meetings and meetings of the membership (General Meetings, Annual General Meetings). 

Executive Members are required to commit 10 hours a week to governance work (enacting Bylaws), committee work (e.g. meeting with University administration), representational work (e.g. attending functions and events), and duties within their Executive portfolio. Similarly, each Executive position is equally important to the long-term success of APUS. Executive receive a $800 a month honoraria for fulfillment of hours. 

In outline:


  • Serves as the chief executive officer of APUS (CEO)
  • Chairs the Executive Committee
  • Supports Board and Executive in achieving sound governance and organizational sustainability

VP Equity

  • Works to improve the status of mature students, students with disabilities, student parents and other historically marginalized groups at the University 
  • Brings equity, anti-oppression, and accessibility lens and analysis to APUS, University, and beyond
  • Promotes social justice & equity 

VP Events & Outreach

  • Outreach and liases across all campuses
  • Builds awareness and membership of APUS
  • Responsibilities with social and orientation events (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) 

VP External

  • In absence of President and/or VP Internal, performs their duties
  • Liaises with the Canadian Federation of Students; and community groups on and off campus 
  • Strategically identifies campaign opportunities and priorities, including accessible education 

VP Internal

  • Serves as the chief financial officer of APUS (CFO)
  • Acts as the official Secretary of the Corporation; Chair of Finance Committee
  • Responsibilities include matters internal to APUS and APUS internal operations (e.g. Board meetings)

Joining the APUS Board has opportunity to give you both intrinsic and tangible benefits. 

The experience is what you make it. Bring your motivation to the mix. 

Joining the APUS Board might suit you if…

You’re interested in:

  • the student movement
  • student activism and community organizing
  • student politics, and student unions
  • the rights, experiences, and needs of part-time students 
  • non-profits and volunteerism 
  • accessible education

Gain skills & experience in:

  • governance
  • strategic planning
  • financial, legal and policy literacy
  • communication 
  • group work, group leadership, and decision-making 


  • job experience; resume 
  • change-making at UofT
  • meet new people
  • learn new things, new experiences
  • improve the educational experience of part-time students 
  • and more…


May 1, 2023 – April 30, 2024

Board Members serve a one year term. 

The APUS Board meets a minimum of 8 times per year. This is where decisions of the board are made by vote. 

In addition to APUS Annual General Meetings and General Meetings. 

Board Members have opportunities to join APUS committees (e.g. Finance Committee), and represent at relevant University of Toronto committees.


Must be a current APUS Member. University of Toronto part-time students enrolled in an undergraduate program. For the Faculty of Arts and Science, this means less than three (3) full course equivalents; for other Faculties or Division, part-time status are designated by the Faculty or Division, including students enrolled in certificate and diploma courses offered by Woodsworth College. 

Must be an APUS member/current part-time student at the time of elections. 

Is this you? Consider running.

Key Dates & Timelines

Nominations Close: Monday March 13 1pm

Elections/Voting Occurs: Monday March 13 6pm

It’s simple really. Submit a nomination form and attend the elections at the Annual General Meeting.

The process can be simplified into these 6 steps. 

Step 1 – Get a package/nomination form via the APUS website, online, and select locations. 

Step 2 – Collect 5 nomination signatures from other APUS Members (part-time students).

Step 3 – Submit the completed form by deadline to: Speaker@apus.ca

Step 4Register here for the APUS General Meeting:

Step 5 – Attend the APUS General Meeting.   

Monday March 13, 2023 6pm

Elections occur as an agenda item at the APUS Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Tip: Invite other part-time students (nominators, classmates) to register and attend the AGM. Bring your supporters/voters with you. Meeting/elections can only happen if quorum is reached (minimum attendance); so brining others helps make sure your hard work to run isn’t wasted or postponed. 

Tip: If you know an APUS member who wants to vote but cannot attend the meeting time, invite them to sign a proxy form. A proxy allows the proxy holder to vote on their behalf. In effect, you have one extra vote. And it counts towards quorum. Maximum 1 per person. Get a proxy form here

Okay, so you’ve registered for the AGM here . And you’ve completed the nomination form here, and you’ve got any proxy form needed filled here. Both submitted to APUS Speaker: Speaker@apus.ca by deadline.

The APUS Speaker may contact to validate or if any issues with nomination and proxy submissions.

How does the election happen? 

The AGM will follow an agenda, chaired by the APUS Speaker. The Speaker will communicate any election procedures. Once the “Elections” agenda item is reached the Speaker will begin elections and voting for the open positions. This includes opportunity for candidates to speak and Q&A.  

In all Constituencies (positions) where there are more candidates than positions available, there will be a direct election conducted by secret ballot. In Constituencies where there is no election (only 1 candidate), candidates who are standing for the position must be ratified by the members at the Annual General Meeting via a secret ballot vote of Yes or No.

The Speaker will secure scrutineers from APUS members not running, who will help monitor the vote count. The votes will be counted, announced, and voting results ratified at the meeting.

And that’s basically it.

Votes are counted, announced, and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. No additional wait time. 

*Provided the meeting has quorum, or rescheduled accordingly.  

Being elected – what’s next?

Successful candidates will receive follow-up in end April in advance of their May 1 start, and details on meetings and orientations. Everyone begins as a Board Member. Remember, Executive position elections are held at a future APUS Board meeting. 

Key dates & deadlines summary

  • February 13 Nominations Open
  • February 13 Registration for AGM Open
  • March 13 1pm Nominations Close
  • March 13 4pm Registration for AGM Closes
  • March 13 4pm Deadline to submit Proxy Forms 
  • March 13 6pm APUS AGM starts *quorum required

Tip: Early registrations recommended. Prizes available to early registrants

Tip: Collect a proxy and submit in advance of deadline. This ensures time to validate so it can count. Recall, if quorum is not reached, the meeting and elections are delayed. 

Tip: Submit nomination forms in advance of deadline. This helps ensure it’s validated by the Speaker, and you have sufficient time to correct or complete before deadline.

Other FAQ

Amazing. Great work participating in student democracy. Please register and attend the APUS AGM March 13 6-8pm. APUS members will receive the Zoom link in advance of meeting.

Sorry to miss you. Participation is still possible. Fill out a proxy form and give it to classmate, friend, person of another APUS member (part-time student) who can vote on your behalf. Hope to see you a future APUS meeting. 

You know your commitments best.
Do also know that the Board is a collective that does its best work when supporting each other. 

Meetings and APUS Board involvement are generally scheduled with flexibility of part-time student reality in mind.
Executive are required to contribute 10 hours a week. Board Members have no mandated hours. 

Board Members commitment averages 2 hours a month for Board meetings, and additional meetings and opportunities throughout the year. Board Members’ attendance and preparation time are important so all can hear your voice, and you are present to hear theirs, all in the representation of APUS members.

APUS sees value in the Board experience complementing the educational experience. APUS wants it to be the best possible experience for you. With a supportive and accountable board much is possible.

Absolutely. Previous board experience is not a requirement to run. APUS is a learning organization, and a great place to gain beginner experience with policy, finances, and governance. You will have opportunity to learn alongside other new members, experienced members, and through year-round training, development, and experience. 

No. Consider APUS elections stress free and cost free. Elections occur during the AGM meeting. And the AGM is virtual. There is no requirement to campaign and poster. Encouraging your friends and classmates (APUS members) to register and attend for the AGM is plenty. And a complete and valid nominations form is all you need to put yourself forward. 

With part-time students spread out across all campuses and in unidentifiable numbers across any given class – agreed, it can be hard. Remember you don’t have to collect physical signature, so connecting with others appropriately through online platforms might suit. 

Still stuck? Contact APUS and existing board and students will be happy to help connect. 

Tip: Nominators don’t have to attend the AGM, nor do they have to vote for the nominee. Signing a nomination form doesn’t have to be a political commitment. It can simply be support for the nominee to put themselves forward. You can approach any APUS member for signature; they do not necessarily have to be someone you know well. Great practice at meeting and approaching new people. Thanks to both nominees and nominators for supporting student elections and democracy. 

Absolutely. Do continue to participate in APUS as an APUS member; including accessing services, programming, campaigns, and more. 

Congratulations on putting yourself forward. That’s big. 

With only 12 seats, it’s possible that not everyone will win.

Tip: Stay tuned for future APUS General Meetings and by-elections should positions become vacant and available. 

Tip: Consider running again next year. It’s not uncommon for people to run multiple times before gaining a position on the Board or as an Executive. There is still experience to be gained through it all.

Stay connected with APUS.



Facebook: APUSUOFT

Instagram: APUS97

APUS Board of Director Elections & Nominations Package: see it in full here

Questions/Accommodations about APUS AGM, contact: VPinternal@apus.ca

On submitting nomination and proxy forms, contact APUS Speaker Nadia: Speaker@apus.ca

Testimonials from APUS Board members

“I first got involved with APUS a few years ago when I was invited to participate in the Circle of First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students standalone meeting and other Canadian Federation of Students events. I fell in love with the campaigns and equity work that was being done and the supportive atmosphere that was all around. I found APUS to be a warm and welcoming space and it quickly became my family and a beacon of light in the all too isolating and dark University experience that I had felt since I had started here at UofT. The Board of Directors, Executives and staff had so much knowledge that helped me navigate the obstacles that I faced. I got more involved with the Board and realized that they had been fighting for me and my rights and I didn’t even know it. I ran for an Executive position so that I could help with all the advocacy work that was being done. Also, we give out care packages because we care about students!” – Jaime