January 2, 2015


For over 50 years, APUS has been successfully defending the rights of part-time students. We have advocated for part-time students on issues such as extended hours for libraries and student services, childcare on campus, public transit, lower tuition fees, and access to scholarships, bursaries and grants!

Here are just some of the victories we have achieved by working in solidarity with other student groups over the years:

  • 1968: Establishment of APUS as the representative body for part-time students at U of T.
  • 1970s: Lobbying for part-time student seats and representation on University of Toronto committees.
  • 1972: Students successfully protest and oppose plan to make Robarts Library graduate students and faculty only.
  • 1993: The Ontario governments plan to increase tuition fees by 50% is defeated.
  • 2004: A tuition fees freeze in Ontario for two years.
  • 2008: The first ever national system of needs-based grants is created.
  • 2013: Students successfully advocate to phase out flat fees in Arts & Science at U of T.
  • 2013: Access Copyright refund secured for students.
  • 2015: Student lobbying leads to international students now being able to serve on U of T Governing Council.
  • 2016: Ontario government mandates university administrations adopt sexual assault policies, and offer services and supports for survivors.
  • 2017: Improvements to Canada Students Grants for part-time students and mature students with dependent children.
  • 2023: APUS’s work with other campus unions secured major changes to the Mandated Leave of Absence Policy, including the policy no longer being applicable to those who are not a danger to others, and a requirement that UofT must attempt to accommodate to the point of undue hardship.