December 31, 2014



On behalf of the APUS Executive Committee, let me welcome you to what we hope will be an exciting and successful year for you at the University of Toronto! As a member of the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students (APUS), you are united with thousands of part-time students across all three campuses of the University, and across the country through our national students’ union, the Canadian Federation of Students.

APUS was formed in 1968 by part-time students who wanted to improve the undergraduate educational experience of all part-time students, recognizing the unique challenges that face us as members of the University and broader community. Our members are diverse, and have many responsibilities outside of school including families, jobs and other personal obligations. This year, we will continue to support our members by continuing to offer cost-saving services, events and programming, and being your advocate to the University administration and all levels of government.

All part-time undergraduate students across all three campuses of the University of Toronto are members of APUS. As APUS members, you can vote in APUS elections, become an APUS Class Representative and run for the APUS Board of Directors. APUS works to ensure a unified voice for part-time undergraduate students at all levels of the University.

For 50 years, APUS has been a strong voice and helped to build a community for part-time students at U of T. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you to continue this tradition. Visit the APUS office, drop us a line and get involved with your students’ union!


Best wishes,

Mala Kashyap




Mala Kashyap, President —

Susan Froom, Vice-President Internal —

Jaime Kearns, Vice-President External —

Richie Pyne, Vice-President Events & Outreach —

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