April 8, 2016

Part Time and Proud!

Our Part-Time and Proud & Equity Programming is dedicated to building the part-time and mature student community on campus through outreach, events and campaigns.

We believe that part-time studies is a viable option for any student and that education can be combined with work, family and other activities or obligations. APUS is fundamentally committed to the principle of access to education for all.

In 2018, APUS celebrated our 50th anniversary and looked back on the history of our small but mighty organization. We founded Woodsworth College, won access to the university services part-time students enjoy today and continue to advocate for an accessible campus.

For the next 50 years, we will continue to work to support the needs of part-time students on issues such as tuition fees, access to financial aid, transit, housing, childcare and all forms of systemic discrimination.

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact our Academic Advocacy Coordinator: advocacy@apus.ca