April 11, 2022

No to differentiated domestic fees

In 2021-22, the Government of Ontario introduced a new policy allowing for differentiated fees for Out-of-Province domestic students. Fees for non-Ontario resident students, defined under the OSAP definitions, could be increased by up to 3% while fees for Ontario residents would remain frozen. At the Governing Council meeting of the University on March 31st, proposals were presented to increase domestic out-of-province fees by 3%. Despite opposition from student representatives, these proposals were approved.

APUS is working to draw attention to the dangers of this new fee policy. In particular, we are concerned about its capacity to reduce access to U of T, one of Canada’s most globally-recognized universities, for students from outside Ontario, and to have a detrimental impact on Indigenous students at U of T.

For more information about APUS’s position on increased fees for out-of-province domestic students, you can read the speech delivered by APUS President, Jaime Kearns, to the University’s Governing Council on the issue here.


APUS’s work at Governing Council secured a big win for Indigenous students! 

Before the meeting, University proposals stated that eligibility for Ontario resident fees would be determined by OSAP eligibility. But following APUS’s intervention at the Governing Council meeting, the University’s eligibility criteria for Ontario resident fees now includes any Indigenous Person of Canada, whether or not they are an Ontario resident!

If you are an Indigenous student and want advice on how to apply for Ontario Resident fee billing contact advocacy@apus.ca