Safer Communities: Safer Campus

January 29 – Anti-Harassment Lead Training (with Dandelion Initiative)

Date: January 29
Time: 4-6PM
Location: APUS Boardroom
What do you say when a staff or community member disclosures to you that they have been sexually assaulted or otherwise harmed? How do you know what is best for the survivor and for your space? This workshop builds participants understanding of the impacts of sexual violence and their interpersonal skills to support survivors around disclosures of harm. Participants will also be educated on survivor and community supports enabling them to better navigate institutions and other resources. This workshop comes with a booklet.

February 5th – Consent Workshop with Dandelion Initiative

Date: February 5th
Time: 4 – 6PM
Location: APUS Boardroom
96% of Canadians think that sexual activity should be consensual, however only 28% of Canadians know what consent looks like. Consent education has been overlooked as a crucial component to ending gender based/sexual violence. When we understand how to set boundaries, respect and actively listen to one another and practice enthusiastic consent, we are creating cultures of consent that offer safer opportunities and experiences for all people. Handouts are provided with this workshop.