Pinkwashing & Pride

APUS is excited to be collaborating with CESAX, YFS, TBLGAY, SCSU, and CFS for an important panel discussion on Pinkwashing & Pride.

“Pinkwashing refers to the exploitation and pacification of 2SLBTQIA+ rights and liberation movements via marketing and political strategies to portray a false image of tolerance and perceptions of progressive politics. 

Colonial governments often depict these so-called states as fun and safe hubs for queer and trans folks, while continuing to oppress Indigenous and racialized 2SLBTQIA+ individuals and refusing to acknowledge the role of colonialism in queerphobia. 

Pinkwashing is a tool also used by corporations to profit off of and commodify queer liberation movements; companies market rainbow-coloured items during Pride but often contribute to the marginalization 2SLBTQIA+ folks. 

Join us on June 25 at 4 pm for a panel on Pinkwashing and Pride, hosted in collaboration with  CESAX, YFS, TBLGAY, SCSU, APUS, CFS. Join us at this event to engage in a discussion surrounding the co-option of Pride month via pinkwashing methods.”

You can register at the following link: Register Here

Please see below for more events being run through CESAX for Pride 2021, including “Pride Movie Night: Pose” for which APUS is also a partner.